Welcome to Schröder Schmierstofftechnik Freudenberg

Over 300 different lubricants are available at our 650 m2 premises!

As an independent provider, we are not bound to any single brand and maintain up to 300 different lubricant types at our approx. 650 m2 storage facility to meet the needs of workshops and industry. We also maintain stocks of more than 50 other engineering products, including oil absorption agents, oil filters, grease guns, lubricating equipment, etc.

These include a comprehensive range of brand products, such as ENI (AGIP), Castrol industrial lubricants, EssoMobil, Pennasol, ROWE Mineralölwerk, Fuchs, OKS Spezialschmierstoffe, Valvoline Tectyl, Pfinder, EXCOR/ZERUST, etc.

In addition to the distribution of lubricants, our core business activities also involve the production and sale of biodegradable products. Our EXAL + FERREX mould parting agents for the aluminium and steel industry are sold around the world.

We also supply biodegradable chain saw lubrication oils. Developed and produced by our own specialists..

Please note! Our mould parting agents are mainly produced for export, which is also the reason why only these pages can be selected and are available in English. We can, of course, also deliver all our other products on request.

Please use our contact form for this purpose.  Mould-parting agents EXAL + Ferrex [KLICK].


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